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As you know, K-12 technology staff members are different from IT roles in other industries because you need a unique set of credentials to be successful in an education environment.

If you have worked in a K-12 technology department or would like the opportunity to break into the education technology field, allow us get to know you! We can match you with a district that will be the perfect fit for your skill-set, personality and career goals. We will also use our expertise in the field to help navigate through the hiring process and ensure you receive appropriate compensation for your role.

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"BRITEWISE makes the job search process so much easier. They know exactly which jobs you are qualified for and which districts would be a good fit for you. Plus, when they recommend you to one of the districts they represent, it's better than any networking you could do."

Multimedia Specialist, mid-sized rural school district

“I was drastically underpaid at my last school district. I really enjoyed my time there, but I had to leave the position after less than a year because I simply could not afford to work there anymore. Now, I'm working for another district that's an even better fit for me, and I finally feel like I am making a reasonable wage.”

Networks Systems Manager, large Western PA district