Educational technology staffing is all we do.

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Since educational technology staffing is all we do, the innovative BRITEWISE hiring process stands apart from all others!

Get transformative technology talent at the right value. Here's how:


Predefined List of K-12 Positions

Start with a predefined list of more than 25 typical K-12 technology positions.

We have a predefined list of more than 25 technology positions that are currently found in K-12 schools across the United States. BRITEWISE understands how recent government policy changes (such as FLSA) affects each position's compensation structure.


3 Benchmark Levels Defined

Add three benchmark levels for each position--with roles and responsibilities for each.

Each of the 25 positions is further defined by three benchmark levels. We have established competencies, roles and responsibilities for each benchmark. This results in a specific job description by desired position.


Determine the Proper Pay Scale

Assign each benchmark position a minimum, mid and maximum salary wage specific to locale.

Each position is assigned a target minimum, mid and maximum salary range based on up-to-the-minute wage and salary information specific to your locale. This allows BRITEWISE to establish accurate budget pricing before we start, ensuring our customers avoid overpaying for under qualified candidates.


Sophisticated Search

Use best recruitment techniques to find both active and passive candidates that are right for K-12.

Our team utilizes the best recruitment techniques in the business to find a wide range of both active and passive candidates in the shortest time possible. This enables us to arrive at better qualified candidates for the final interview phase.


Set of Uniquely Qualified Candidates

Conduct in person interviews, validate job history, perform security checks to find right fit for education environment.

As candidates are identified BRITEWISE performs the phone screening process, conducts in-person interviews, validates previous job history and performs security background checks. The result is a set of uniquely qualified candidates that poses the technical skills, customer service abilities and personality fit for an education environment.


Transformative IT Talent Match

Collaborate to select final transformative talent and ensure talent has all clearances.

Once we have identified the final candidates, we will conduct a thorough evaluation, and will also ensure that each candidate has all the required school clearances. BRITEWISE then works directly with the customer to select the final transformative IT talent match.

Resolving common issues with K-12 technology hires

  • Avoid over-paying for under-qualified candidates and vice versa
  • Overcome deficiencies in the educational technology job market
  • Hire IT candidates suited to a K-12 education environment with skills in both technology and customer service
  • Understand how new government policy changes (such as FLSA) relate to your technology department
  • Every candidate meets guaranteed compliance, including all needed school clearances

The BRITEWISE Difference

Manageable Employee Costs

The same or better K-12 educational technology talent at or below the school’s cost to hire


Flexibility to add or reduce staff at any time

No-nonsense Pricing

Staffing at straight percentage mark-up over cost

Educational Technology Staffing Is All We Do

Our recruitment and on-boarding engines are always running, constantly sharpening our perspective and resulting in better fitting K-12 technology candidates

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Customer Reports on BRITEWISE

School employees become “family” in our district, so we were reluctant to contract-out any employees including technology. BRITEWISE quickly changed our minds, as they consistently brought us IT staff that fit our technology and cultural needs like a glove.
—Superintendent, mid-sized rural school

We check cultural fit and backgrounds just as well as BRITEWISE, but they broaden our options and give us assurance that we’re hiring the right talent at the right price-value level. They help us to know what we should offer a good candidate to keep them around.
—Business Manager, large urban/suburban school