What do you do?

We’re BRITEWISE. Educational staffing is all we do.


Why are you called BRITEWISE?

We liked the name. To us it implies that both our company and our education partners bring wisdom to the table.


How do we know you’re good?

Because we’re so specialized in educational technology staffing. If that’s not enough we invite you to ask our customers about their staffing experience with us.


Where do you get your experience in the education market?

We were created by the same minds that founded Questeq, an innovative educational technology management company, who in over 30 years has grown to help more than 100,000 students daily become more engaged in technology.


Do you collaborate with Questeq?

Yes, if it makes sense. Questeq is a leader that enables school technology employees to thrive in an outsourced educational technology management model. BRITEWISE is strictly technology staffing. Either way we have our school partner’s needs covered.


What else should we know?

We’ve used our own expertise to assemble some of the brightest leaders in the technology staffing field to lead our firm, but to a person, we never let our team forget how important it is to present employees that can fit right into the school’s “family.”