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Burgettstown Area School District Success Story

BRITEWISE Success Stories: Burgettstown Area School District

The Need

Burgettstown Area School District was facing challenges keeping up with the growing technological demands across its schools. With only one internal IT staff member, the amount of technology and demand for help and training was overwhelming. This gap impacted daily operations as support tickets were not being addressed in a timely manner.


The district found that working with BRITEWISE to identify qualified talent was a seamless process. BRITEWISE took care of sourcing and screening candidates, saving the district’s lead time spent reviewing hundreds of resumes and contacting potential hires themselves. The recruitment process quickly provided qualified candidates for interviews, allowing the district to onboard technical talent that could immediately assist.

The Value

By partnering with BRITEWISE, the technology director estimates they saved 20% in total hiring costs compared to traditional hiring through the district. The streamlined recruiting also saved the lead time and headaches associated with independently searching for candidates.

“Britewise provides a wonderful service that saves me time and has provided us with experienced candidates. They take care of the entire hiring process, from sourcing to screening, which enables me to focus on my day-to-day responsibilities.

I highly recommend Britewise to other organizations looking to find qualified technical talent quickly.”

Chris Navadauskas, Technology Director @ Burgettstown ASD
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