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Let us Help You Grow Your IT Department

How can BRITEWISE help you grow your IT department?

BRITEWISE is the most cost effective way of acquiring and managing top talent. Why? Almost all of the major costs are handled by BRITEWISE.

1. Your district does not incur the costs of screening, conducting interviews, carrying out background checks and other vetting-related costs. These are eliminated by utilizing BRITEWISE.

2. BRITEWISE handles all salary related payments and benefits. You are saved from the costs of health insurance and retirement contributions. We also eliminate the costs of payroll processing and benefits administration.

Recently, BRITEWISE saved a district 10K per year on a Technology Support Specialist position. Not only did the district save money, but they also experienced significant value with an individual that fit the culture, had local ties to the community and is highly valued amongst the administration, teachers and students.

BRITEWISE has the winning formula to battle the dwindling budgets that school districts are facing. Contact us today to start growing your IT department!

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