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Back to School Savings with BRITEWISE Transparent Pricing

Schools can save up to 20% on their technology staffing costs with BRITEWISE Transparent Pricing! Whether you need to fill a position, are expanding your staff, or need additional staff to deal with the back to school rush, we can help.  Let us show you how…

BRITEWISE Pricing Model

With the BRITEWISE Transparent Pricing Advantage, there are no surprise fees or hidden one-time costs. We work with you to determine the positions you need, and you set the salary based on our regional comprehensive positional benchmarks.

Save on Employee Benefit Costs. Get the Staffing That You Need at the Right Price.

Save 20% on Staffing Costs

When you partner with BRITEWISE, your school saves on expensive employee benefit costs, including retirement, healthcare, workers’ compensation, and more. Those added savings mean higher quality candidates for you to choose from.

Our three staffing options are designed to deliver the most competent, transformative IT talent for your school, with the price and flexibility to meet your unique needs.

BRITEWISE – A Trusted Partner in Educational Technology Staffing.

Test Drive Technology Talent

Every BRITEWISE candidate comes with all state and federal clearances and is required to pass a comprehensive background check, so you know that you are covered with BRITEWISE.

In addition, every BRITEWISE hire comes with a 90-day guarantee. Ask us how to test your technology talent before hiring, or about the BRITEWISE “Always-On” recruiting engine with BRITEWISE 360!

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