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BRITEWISE Success Stories: PA Leadership Charter School

PA Leadership Charter School | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Help Desk Specialist Position

The Need 

The Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School needed to fill a Help Desk Specialist position.  They were having a difficult time finding the right talent at the pay scale they had in place.  They had experienced high turnover and the process of finding candidates, interviewing and onboarding was time consuming.   


BRITEWISE worked closely with the administrative team to evaluate their specific needs.  Originally, PALCS was interested in finding only those with heavy customer experience and was open to train and develop employees.   BRITEWISE focuses on the customer service aspect of technology and it plays a key role in the screening of talent, however, there was a need for technical knowledge to perform tasks effectively. BRITEWISE reevaluated the original plan and implemented the qualifications we require for the position, as well as what PALCS was looking for, and found top talent for the district to consider. 


The position was filled in a timely manner and the district was provided with multiple candidates to choose from.  The district only had to conduct the final interviews to choose a candidate that fit the needs and culture of the school.  BRITEWISE provided quality candidates at a set pay scale and handled the time-consuming recruiting, screening and interviewing processes. “BRITEWISE has been a turn-key staffing solution for our IT Department. BRITEWISE streamlined our recruitment and screening for our Help Desk Specialist positions. They presented us with high quality candidates. We were able to confidently make decisions to bring them on as contracted staff and they have performed at a high level. Looking forward to partnering with BRITEWISE as we continue to grow.”  – Mark Murray, IT Director, PA Leadership Charter School. 

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