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Newport Success Story

BRITEWISE Success Stories: Newport School District

BRITEWISE Success Stories

Newport School District | Newport, Pennsylvania
Technology Specialist Position

The Need

The Newport School District needed to replace a recently vacated Technology Specialist position.  The district was interested in cutting costs while simultaneously increasing the overall quality of service. 


Newport had consulted with another school district who had recommended BRITEWISE services.  Lisa Good, Newport’s Technology Administrator said, “Other businesses said they were not interested in doing business with us if we weren’t using their full service.  We liked that we could just do staffing.  Other companies were looking for us to switch over to them, which wasn’t cost effective for us.”

BRITEWISE worked closely with the administration to identify the specific skillset that Newport was looking for.  The process entailed an extensive search, qualification of candidates and two rounds of interviews.  BRITEWISE presented only the top-level candidates for the district to conduct the final interview.  BRITEWISE COO, Rick Letterman, was present for final interviews to assist with the process. “We were really impressed with the number of candidates to interview.  It was a tough decision; they were all quality candidates.” stated Lisa Good.

The district chose the candidate that best fit their culture at the school and their top candidate was hired under the BRITEWISE 360 model.  Jamison Magaro, Business Manager at Newport stated, “The ability to have a company go out and find qualified people lifted the burden on the administration.”


The district had the option after the year to bring the BRITEWISE employee onboard through the district, or to continue contracting with BRITEWISE.  The district chose the latter with a renewal of a three-year contract. Letterman stated, “Our partnership with Jamison and Lisa at Newport School District is a success story all around.  I had the chance to meet with Lisa after the agreement renewal.  She believes that our Technology Specialist is a great addition to the technology department and the district couldn’t be happier.”

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